What does “being pretty” mean? 

It certainly isn’t defined by society’s standards  of slim thick with a cute “ahh” or being pretty  with straightened long hair, beautiful eyes, or being expensively dressed with clothes majority can’t even afford. It doesn’t mean being fit, or being an acceptable size or weight, or being muscular, with six packs.

Being pretty means feeling good about yourself, loving yourself unconditionally for who you are. Wearing a smile even when you’re facing the toughest battles, because you’re strong and know that the sun will rise and shine after the dark night. It means, feeling comfortable in your own skin. Forget society ‘s standards of what you should look like and how you should live your life. Even your doctor can’t tell you what to do about  your lifestyle, they can only give you options and it’s a choice for you to make. Whatever you might be struggling with, weight, insecurities, don’t let them get to you. You’re pretty as you are. If everyone was the same size, height, color, etc…the world would be the most boring place. But diversity makes it all intriguing.

So yea, don’t live by society’s standards, or for society, live for yourself.



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