10 things you gotta love about summer

10- Yes, it’s frickin hot but you gotta love the sunny and warm weather.

9- Time to bring out the sun hats, the flip-flops, the sun dresses, and of course those booty shorts that make your derriere look absolutely fantastic and scream “Got legs for days”. You better work it girl! and guys opt for the topless look, abs or not it’s summer who cares.

8- It’s bye-bye cold weather, hello adventure times. So many things to do and enjoy and places to go. Road trip anyone? and what better time to travel or go on a cruise?

7- Let’s not forget that most of us get to laze around and do absolutely nothing. We love that one, don’t we!

6- Beach, outdoors, BBQ’s, longer days, fresh air, cool breeze…

5- Surfing, long hikes, sandcastles, picnics, swimming, camping…

4- What is school? Don’t ask us, well if you’re a college student and take summer classes that doesn’t apply to you. You get to hit the books all over again, when do you ever get a break?!

3- Watermelons, ice creams, popsicles, cold drinks, ice tea, ice coffee, lemonade, chelada, ice cold Manhattans, are all delicacies.

2- It’s time to turn up, enjoy nightlife like never before. Rooftop parties, house parties, clubing, concerts…

1- Best of all, friends and families come together, have great times, and create long lasting memories. Fun times with our loved ones are priceless!

Isn’t summer the best season of all?!





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