The benefits of eating healthy

We’re constantly being told to practice healthy eating habits, but we all know it’s not that easy and not that simple. But as hard as it is to develop those habits, they’re worth the efforts and are beneficial. A few of those benefits are:

*Weight control

Eating right can help maintain healthy weight.

*Mood boost

Those healthy eating habits certainly contribute to a better physique, which in turn can boost confidence and make us feel good.

*Disease prevention 

Common health conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol can be prevented by maintaining healthy eating habits.

No lie, I love fast food! Hey, they’re tasty and not that expensive. My mother always used to tell me “ whatever tastes good in your mouth is not good for you”…Even though I try to maintain healthy eating habits because of all their benefits, I can’t steer away from a good spicy chicken sandwich. There, I said it.

Practice healthy eating habits, but don’t feel bad on those cheat days. Trust me, we all have those some more than others.


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