Why Like People When They Aren’t Interested In Us?

You ever find yourself in a situation where you have a guy who’s head over heels for you but yet you like someone else?

Yeah we are weird that way!

You have this really sweet guy who’s willing to give you the world, being nice to you, there for you, but for some stupid reason that other guy is the one you’re after.

Here’s what science has to say  about that. This occurs because:

We crave answers!

“Why doesn’t he like me?”

Trying to find the answer to that question can put us in a bad predicament, because it can affect our self esteem. We shouldn’t try to be accepted by someone else, but we can’t help it and it happens to a lot more people than you think. Hey, it’s normal.

We want what we can’t have!

This is very much true in instances where we want someone and they’re playing hard to get. It’s a challenge, and we love being put to the test to prove ourselves especially guys.

But what amazes me the most is how sometimes we pray to God for a good guy, but yet reject them when they try to even get close.

It’s astonishing!

On a real note though, why can’t God just send us a clear message like “girl he is the one, get your act together”

Sometimes we’re so clueless or even with all the right signs in front of us we still end up doing the dumb thing, reject the nice guy.

May the Lord take the wheel, because some of us are just stupid.




Image source: Pexels.com


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