What Do We Look Like To Others?

I’ve always wondered about how I look in other peoples’ eyes, because I know for a fact that what I see in the mirror is not what others see.

It’s always a surprise to me when I take pictures, and I look different than what I had look like when I saw my reflection in the mirror. So why is that?

I, along with the rest of the populace who’s wondering the same thing, want answers.

There are so many theories surrounding this whole mystery:

Theory number 1

The mirror is messing with our head. It is all a conspiracy. What the mirror actually does is flip what seems to be our image, resulting in us thinking that’s what we look like but in reality that’s false.

wow! does that even make sense?

Oh well! mirror, mirror on the wall keep showing us the best version of ourselves.

Theory number 2

The camera is in on the conspiracy too. The added weight, the stiffness, the creepy smile, not flattering at all. Since cameras view things in 2D, and our eyes 3D, there is a difference in how we look through each.

There is an actual mirror test that can be performed to see what we really look like, but I have yet to perform it.

Anyone tried the mirror test before? I heard it’s pretty cool

Writing source: Sociable7.com by Kashif Hussain

Image source: weheartit.com by Livia Sousa


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