What is life about?

Have you ever asked yourself what is my purpose in life? what is life really about?

Well you’re not the only one, for many of us including our forefathers have speculated for centuries.

Some use a spiritual approach to answer this question, and others, a philosophical approach. But from both perspectives, we could conclude that life is really about values, ethics, good or bad, feelings, will, and being,

Here is what I think:

I think life is a journey during which mysteries are unveiled. A test filled with trials and tribulations which bring about sorrow, but at the same time it throws rewarding and fulfilling experiences at you during which you experience joy and happiness. Life is finding this deep connection between either yourself, or a greater being (GOD), which the latter is the case for most. It’s like this perfect mixture or blend of everything in which you get a taste of each.

Life is what YOU make it about!

And that’s the most powerful tool you could wield, because whether or not you believe in a higher power, YOU are the narrator, the writer, writing your own story, your own movie. YOU are creating your own path.

YES there are trials and tribulations, but that’s not all life is about. See and focus on the beauty of life. The wonderful and cherishable memories you’ve had so far. The courage and strength you’ve build up to now that shaped you into this amazing person that you are.

It’s a gift that you were given that must not be taken for granted. Do the best you can with it, and live it to the fullest.

It’s a hell of a ride, but one that’s worth it, if you walk it with a positive outlook .


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