Life Goes On ~

Someone broke your heart?

Forget about him/her, you deserve better anyway.

Lost your job?

It’s understandable that you got bills, but it doesn’t end there. Go out there, make it happen. Heck, start a business. Turn your passion into something you can both enjoy, and share with others.

You lost someone that was close to you?

Go ahead, cry, grieve, but that someone wouldn’t want you to be stuck and unable to move on from this tragedy.

It feels like everything around you is falling apart?

Don’t despair, you’re not the only one. We all go through moments like that. Just take a few steps back and analyze the situation. Come up with different tactics.

You feel like giving up?

What if Martin Luther King gave up? What if Thomas Edison gave up? If you give up now, you’re selling yourself short. You’re onto something great, don’t let all your efforts go to waste. You have tremendous potential, and deep down you know it.

No matter the circumstances that you’re going through, just know that we all have our battles that we must fight in order to learn and get stronger. Take a few deep breaths, review your strategies, pray about your goals, meditate, find that one thing that does it for you, motivate yourself, surround yourself with positive and loving people…

Keep pushing forward, keep going, you’ll be glad that you did later on!

Image source: weheartit by Orianita Serrano


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