There is Beauty in Diversity!

Diversity is beautiful!

It’s the Asian guy from General Plant Ecology class, who sparked my curiosity on the Japanese culture.

It’s the African girl that I met while walking on campus, who got my undivided attention when she was telling me about the many African delicacies. Hey, I love food. I mean who doesn’t, right?!

It’s the Hispanic girls at work who discuss the different lifestyles in their respective countries.

It’s the Indian customer whose parents were Jamaican, and was proud to tell his story.

It’s the white little girl who once walked up to me to ask me a question, and later her black mother walked in.

It’s the black guy who told me he was Jewish.

Diversity exposes us to different people and cultures. It creates a sense of curiosity. It adds spices to life. Life would be plain boring if everyone was the same, had the same background, culture, and told the same story.

Each and every one of us bring something different to the table, whether you’re black, white, purple, yellow, whichever color you want to be; or whether you’re from a different country.  You are different, your skills, talents, ideas, attitudes, experiences, stories…You bring something different to the world, you add value to it.

Take pride in who you are as an individual and be comfortable in your skin.





Image Credit: Weheartit by Ray Fancy; Jeanine Paulick


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